Knowing what a story is…is what editors want… and giving it to them is the key to a successful publicity project. There’s no magic to this function. You have to do the basics…you have to block-and-tackle first. And all too many times, companies forget or don’t really know how to do the basics. But that’s why is here. We do the blocking and tackling.and we do them every day for many different customers in many different markets.

We can do this effectively because we have extremely experienced and capable people.

Allan G. Hall

Mr. Hall is the creator and founder of He has owned and operated a national industrial publicity firm for over 40 years. He is a manufacturing engineering graduate of Miami University and a graduate of the General Electric Manufacturing Management Training Program. He is a 35 year member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Society of Automotive Engineers. He has blind-authored hundreds of technical feature articles in the industrial and metalworking industries, and is well-known to most of todays industrial trade magazine chief editors.

Phillip M. Hall

Phil Hall has managed manufacturing operations for over 40 years. This experience led him to into the consulting field where in addition to writing for, he works for himself as president of his own consulting firm, Think Around, Inc. In this capacity, he helps small and medium sized businesses improve their profitability and enhance daily work life using lean manufacturing and other improvement techniques. A long time Senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Mr. Hall has written and presented technical papers at SME and AMT conferences and expositions and implemented ISO 9000 programs.  He is also a former editor of Tooling & Production Magazine.

Jenny Gogan

Jenny Gogan specializes in marketing and public relations for the technology industry. She is responsible for the planning and implementation of programs developed to meet company objectives and strategies. These responsibilities include public relations campaigns (new product launches, partner announcements, personnel updates, etc.), strategic marketing lead generation campaigns (email, direct mail, whitepapers), and event planning and direction (tradeshows, seminars and Webinars). Jenny has many relationships with editors and reporters at technical, local and business publications.

Nancy Lesinski

Nancy has spent 25 years working in production, account services and public relations for various Detroit area agencies. Her last 10 years have been focused on industrial publicity and she has established relationships with editors of fabricating, metalworking, automotive and other manufacturing trade press. Nancy is currently in charge of the public relations department for a business-to-business marketing communications agency. She graduated from MichiganStateUniversity’s advertising program and is a member of the Business Marketing Association and Public Relations Society of America.


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