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For the first 20 years of operation, Hall Industrial Publicity, Inc. was strictly an industrial publicity agency. In the early 1970s when a significant number of advertising agencies in Detroit went out of business, the clients of Hall Industrial Publicity strongly suggested that the agency begin to provide advertising services as well…because we knew and understood the products and markets as well as anyone…we already had written about them. As a result, HIP Advertising Service was born.

The HIP in HIP Advertising Service represents Hall Industrial Publicity. But we did not want to restrict our business opportunities to only ‘industrial’, so we left the word industrial out of the advertising agency’s name. Inexplicably, some people have the impression that if you work in the industrial arena…you’re not creative enough to sell to the consumer. However, in many cases it’s more difficult to sell to engineers and manufacturers, especially in the widening global market…so you better be creative. There are samples of some of the advertisments that we have created and produced in the Advertising section of the Services tab.

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