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 Today, Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) pedal systems are a preferred technology because of their inherent ability to enhance overall engine management while reducing the production costs associated with the assembly of the accelerator pedal system in the vehicle.

The first U.S. applications of ETC were introduced by Teleflex Automotive Group in 1993 on accelerator pedal assemblies for light duty diesel trucks and diesel vans.

The benefits of Electronic Throttle Control include:

  •   Electronic control reduces vehicle emissions
  •   Electronic control enhances fuel economy
  •   Complex mechanical linkages that are costly to engineer and install are eliminated
  •   The ETC design concept improves vehicle packaging and serviceablility
  •   Integration of cruise control eliminates additional mechanical linkages
  •   Electronic traction control can also be linked

Low-cost, easily installed Teleflex ETC fits all pedal box configurations with only minor bracket and electrical connector variations required. The integrated sensor design enhances the component packaging capability and Teleflex’s patented production process minimizes tolerance variances and stack-up by electronically “tuning” each pedal at assembly to maximize sensor signal quality.

A critical design requirement was matching the “feel” of a standard mechanically linked accelerator pedal. Extensive research and development has produced a unique patented design that mechanically creates the controllable pedal effort hysteresis necessary for desired pedal “feel”, eliminating degradation of pedal life.

The Teleflex ETC accelerator pedal looks and feels just like a standard pedal. Even when switching between vehicles equipped with this ETC pedal and a standard accelerator pedal, drivers sense no more variation than they would experience between any two vehicles. The important “feel” is also a safety factor, ensuring no need for changes in a driver’s normal good driving habits.

All ETC accelerator pedal assemblies have similar electrical and pedal action features with the pedal mechanism mechanically tuned to match specific pedal pressure specifications. New iterations and advancements in the Teleflex ETC product design include:

  • Better pedal effort hysteresis
  • Pulse Width Modulated sensors
  • Non-contact sensor options
  • More compact, lightweight pedals
  • New mounting configurations

Teleflex Automotive Group, located in Troy, Michigan is a leading Tier One supplier of cable controls, electronic throttle controls and shifter control systems to automotive manufacturers. Currently there are nine North American manufacturing facilities located in Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Connecticut and Mexico and six European manufacturing plants located in Sweden, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Slovakia.

Teleflex Incorporated, the parent of Teleflex Automotive, is a Philadelphia-based diversified industrial manufacturing company with sales exceeding $1.4 billion annually. In addition to automotive products, Teleflex also designs, manufacturers and distributes a broad range of products and services to the aerospace, recreational marine, industrial and medical markets.

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