Hall Industrial Publicity, Inc. was founded in 1953 by Stuart P. Hall, a former automotive engineer and Chief Editor, Vice-President and General Manager of Design News magazine. Allan G. Hall, also an engineering graduate, purchased the agency from his father in 1981. The agency was formed to provide needed publicity and public relations services to the industrial market, utilizing the expertise of account executives with extensive engineering, industrial and editorial backgrounds. This business philosophy continues to be the basis for the company’s successful operation.

Not Business-To-Business As Usual

This philosophy manifests itself in everything we do.

We bring the value, understanding and disciplines to business marketers who want that value, but are inherently too small to deal with a large agency. We bring a purposeful balance to marketing communications by placing the creative product and strategic planning on an equal basis of importance…unusual for traditional business-to-business agencies that focus on one or the other.

Finally, we recognize the fact that product publicity and public relations are critical in industrial marketing communications. And what’s even more critical is to have the experience and expertise to do it properly and with impact.

When we founded Hall Industrial Publicity, we started with an idea, a philosophy, and a passion for the marketing communications business…that passion is still alive and well.

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