Personnel Announcements

Personnel Announcements and others opportunities that might include the addition of distributors and manufacturers representatives is part of a total marketing communications program that 1) continues to keep the companies name in front of its customers both through the pertinent national and local media and 2) works as a benefit for good internal pr  that helps company moral and encourages individual advancement.

These projects usually require about two hours to gather the material, write the release and obtain proper approvals. It is good to use a photograph. Mechanical Costs are typicall around $25 if photos are provided. emailing of the Releases will usually include local newspapers for these types of projects.

Our account executives bill $125/hr. So a typical Personnel Announcement with Mechanical costs is about $300

There are a number of examples of types of Personnel Announcements that have been prepared by  Please look at the samples shown in the listing at the right.


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