Application Case Histories

These are some of the best types of publicity projects a company can do. Somebody else saying something good about your product provides valuable credibility. Because of the nature of these types of articles, they usually require about twelve hours of a technical writer’s time to prepare, edit and submit (600-800 words). This includes gathering the information, preparing it in an application story style, securing the appropriate approvals, selecting the best pertinent media and emailing the story.

Mechanical Costs range from $50 to$150 which includes: telephone, fax, preparation of media list, digital files etc. Photos or illustrations are essential to this type of publicity story. We suggest using two photos. One for the product and one of the product in action.

Our account executives bill $125/hr. So a typical Feature Article with Mechanical costs is $1,650

There are a number of examples of types of Appliation Case Histories that have been prepared by  Please look at the samples shown in the listing at the right

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