Feature Articles

These are very valuable publicity opportunities to discuss in detail the technology related to a product, system, concept or service. Upon publication, reprints of the article can be obtained for additional promotional use by the customer. At industrialpublicity.com , we have a policy that we will not write a feature article unless we have a place to have it published. After a preliminary discussion about the subject with the customer, we will initially discuss the article applicability with a selected group of editors. If we find interest from any one, we will then prepare the article with a specific publication date determined. These articles are usually 800-1,200 words and take about twelve to sixteen hours (2 days) to produce. This includes gathering the information, preparing it in an article style, securing the appropriate approvals, and mailing the story to meet the agreed upon deadline.

Mechanical Costs can vary but are normally between $25 and $150 which includes: telephone, fax, digital files etc. Photos or illustrations are very important to this type of publicity story. We suggest using a number of photos, line art, tables, or illustrations. A digital color file of the photos or color negatives should be provided. Digital files for the photos and illustrations will be provided with the article.

Our account executives bill $125/hr. So a typical Feature Article with Mechanical costs is $1,650 – $2,000

There are a number of examples of types of Feature Articles that have been prepared by industrialpublicity.comĀ  Please look at the samples shown in the listing at the right.

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